Rancher-compose up, upgrade over state=upgraded?

If I ‘rancher-compose up --upgrade’, my service is in the upgraded state. My script gets interrupted and I want to start over, I am blocked from doing my upgrade again because state=upgraded. Is there any way to force an In Service upgrade when the service is in the upgraded state? I had been trying to use --rollback, but it was leaving my service containers in the started-once state (and they were not running). I will need to open a topic on that after some more testing.

Perhaps first do a –confirm-upgrade?

Thank you, I had not tried that. It works without error, even when the service is not in the upgraded state. However I am thinking about this more and not sure I want to automatically confirm the upgrade. I need to think about this more, but I believe if I always roll back, I can better trust that the service is in a runnable state. Perhaps this is not good if my update has a database schema change, so need to think about this more.