Rancher containers and load balancer stuck on "Initializing"

I am running Rancher v1.6.10 on AWS.

I run the Rancher master on a t2.medium and I have 2 hosts, also on t2.medium instances.

The security groups allow for complete traffic between the master instance and the hosts, and also between the hosts.

I have an internal-loadbalancer and an external-loadbalancer. They used to work fine but now they are both always “Initializing”, and also one of my service’s containers are stuck in the same “Initializing” state, I can’t find anything wrong with the code itself, and the endpoint I set for health checks responds correctly, but Rancher keeps restarting the containers non-stop.

This is happening in my production environment.

What could this be?

I’m having the same issue here.

Did you manage to find a solution?