Rancher Custom role bug when import yaml from Web UI[BUG]

Rancher Server Setup

  • Rancher version:
  • Installation option (Docker install/Helm Chart):

Information about the Cluster

  • Kubernetes version:
    1.26.5 Imported

User Information

  • What is the role of the user logged in? (Admin/Cluster Owner/Cluster Member/Project Owner/Project Member/Custom)

Describe the bug

I have a Rancher 2.8.2.
After upgrade from 2.8.0 there is a bug in user Custom role or when custom role template is used.
When user have added to project Custom role with permision for example “View Workloads” and try to import yaml the Web UI automaticly log off the user showing only error in Window {“Data”:“”}

The bug don’t exist when i use predefined role for example “Read-only”

To Reproduce
Upgrade rancher from 2.8.0 to 2.8.2
Import exisiting Kubernets CLuster or use imported in Rancher version 2.8.0
Create New project in Rancher UI -test and namespace.
Add user to Project with role - Custom - View Workloads
Try to import yaml from WebUI.

User is automatically logoff.
Expected Result
Error about permision that user doesn’t have.