Rancher ditching docker? prefer kurbenetes

is it true that rancher favors kurbenetes and ditching docker? because i read some articles about rancher and kurbenetes.

Rancher 2 uses kubernetes to implement much of the cattle UI and user experience from 1.x top of it, plus various new capabilities that kubernetes allows.

Kubernetes uses Docker to deploy containers, and Docker now packages kubernetes in Docker, so saying one versus the other does not really make sense.

Docker does have an orchestration system called Swarm though, which we are no longer supporting.


i use docker with rancher for my local dev lab environment and production.

it sounds that docker is staying for good along side with kurbenetes.

thank you for the reply (y)

I’m curious, why does it matter to you whether docker is used or not.

The unit of abstraction is typically at a higher level where the runtime environment being a low(er) level implementation detail (or at least it perhaps should be otherwise why would you bother using high level tools and APIs such as Rancher ?)

Rancher2 is using kubernetes, kubernetes up to 1.8 uses docker (often an old version, though). Starting with kubernetes 1.9, more and more deployment solutions choose to use cri-containerd instead of docker as kubernetes runc backend, including the popular ‘kubernetes the hard way’ tutorial.
It seems Kubernets will move more and more towards cri-containerd, and RancherLabs, during a Rancher2 meetup, already announced they would follow what the Kubernetes project choose as default.

As a side note, cri-containerd is the runc part of moby, donated to the CNCF by docker. (moby being the newish name of the opensource and modularized docker release).