Rancher error mount point for cpu error

Hello everyone, I’m using VMware ESXi to instantiate two virtual machines, both with more than 120GB Disk, 4 CPU and 8GB Memory.

Both VMs are Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS.
Rancher Version: v2.4.18
Docker Image: rancher/rancher:v2.4.18

In the VM called Rancher Server, there is only the Rancher container.

In another VM called Cluster, I’m going to implement etcd, control-plane and a worker in the same VM, however, I’m getting the following error: failed to get the container runtime’s cgroup: failed to get container name for docker process: mountpoint for cpu not found. Runtime system container metrics may be missing

Researching a lot, I heard that it would be solved by mounting /sys/fs/cgroup/cpu and /sys/fs/cgroup/cpuacct

I did this mount and recreated the cluster again, however, the same error continues…

Does anyone have any solutions or workarounds, I would really appreciate it a lot!