Rancher flooding logs with errors

We are currently using Rancher version 2.6.9. While debugging some oidc errors we are experiencing trouble with our error logs: They are being flooded by error messages from which we are unable to identify the source of.

You may find the logs of the last 5 minutes in the gist.

We could identify several types of errors:

error syncing 'p-n7k7r/creator-project-owner': handler mgmt-auth-prtb-controller: clusters.management.cattle.io "c-fvg4w" not found, requeuing

error syncing 'p-pqzmm/creator-project-owner': handler auth-prov-v2-prtb: failed to update fleet-local/r-cluster-local-view-p-pqzmm-creator-project-owner-nk3rmcfzaj rbac.authorization.k8s.io/v1, Kind=RoleBinding for auth-prov-v2-prtb-rolebinding p-pqzmm/creator-project-owner: RoleBinding.rbac.authorization.k8s.io "r-cluster-local-view-p-pqzmm-creator-project-owner-nk3rmcfzaj" is invalid: [metadata.ownerReferences.apiVersion: Invalid value: "": version must not be empty, metadata.ownerReferences.kind: Invalid value: "": kind must not be empty, metadata.ownerReferences.name: Invalid value: "": name must not be empty], requeuing

error syncing 'grb-ftw5p': handler grb-cluster-sync: Index with name by-cluster does not exist, requeuing

error syncing 'c-p6msc/p-jq749': handler system-image-upgrade-controller: upgrade cluster c-p6msc system service alerting failed: template system-library-rancher-monitoring incompatible with rancher version or cluster's [c-p6msc] kubernetes version, requeuing

From our understanding there could be some jobs running in the background referencing already deleted objects. Any suggestions how we could clean this up?

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