Rancher HA in production


I am planning to setup HA using latest Rancher version (1.1.2). I am running Rancher 1.0.1 and 13 hosts registered to it. I wanted to setup HA without affecting my existing services in production. What is the best method to do this activity?

Do I need to re-create all agent containers during this process?

Can multiple Rancher server run at the same time, one HA setup pointing to external database (using downloaded dump from Rancher HA Admin tab) and other is current Rancher server single node? So that I can switch when HA setup is ready without affecting other services. (is this possible?)

Appreciate your valuable inputs.


You could accomplish this in a couple ways;

  1. Export the db of the current setup, into an external db
  2. start a standalone server using 1.1.2 (this would apply db schema changes) against the external db
  3. start an HA cluster using the external db


  1. Start a separate HA cluster running 1.1.2
  2. migrate workloads from your 1.0.1 setup

The HA setup takes some knowledge to get running correctly, I wouldn’t experiment on a setup you cant afford too much downtime on.