Rancher HA, Proxy & Git Config

When running Rancher in HA mode behind a proxy, Git does not work are creates a bunch of zombie processes. I was wondering if there is a way to pass in the git config proxy setting within the generated HA script? For example, I already adjust the HA script with my proxy settings so Rancher can pull down images from docker hub.

Currently, my workaround is:

  1. Install external MySQL DB
  2. Install Rancher on Host 1 fill in HA page to generate HA script
  3. Edit script line starting with “ID=`docker run” to pass in "-e http_proxy="some.proxyt:8080 -e http_proxys=“some.proxyt:8080”
  4. Kill and remove Rancher server containers or Host 1
  5. Run HA script on Host 1, 2 & 3
  6. Wait for a bit and run the following on the rancher-ha-cattle container on each host
docker exec -it rancher-ha-cattle git config --global http.proxy http://some.proxy:8080
docker exec -it rancher-ha-cattle git config --global https.proxy https://some.proxy:8080

Can you put in a request in Github for this?