Rancher host recovery

my rancher web server crashed, and when I rebooted it, it had lost all my configurations. I got it back running but when I connected my existing host to it, all my containers are still running, however, my stack configuration is lost. Is there a way to recreate it with the existing running containers, or will I have to recreate the stack? I have the compose files to do that, however, I would prefer to keep our app running.

Any ideas?

This is a mute point now. I do not have the previous running stack anymore. I am setting up a new host and environment.

This is a big concern for rancher deployment. Hope rancher guys would come up with a solution for re adding the host to the the rancher again without disrupting any containers in the deployed stack

The stack definition and everything else is in the database. You need a real backup of it, still-running servers are not a replacement for that.

Thanks for the replies. My request was not meant as a complaint about Rancher. This was a test environment and I was only looking for a way to save some prototype work. I realise that I should have had a backup. And that I should not have set it up this way in the first place.