Rancher host upgrade failed

I am currently upgrading to rancher 1.6.10 using stable release.
I did the upgrade of the server without big issue, but the host isn’t reconnecting.

I can avoid the issue by rebooting the host, and rerun the add host command, but this is not good practice.

In the container log I got :
> INFO: Starting agent for D2776D5FB587145E20F5
> INFO: Access Key: D2776D5FB587145E20F5
> INFO: Config URL: http://rancher.recette.local:8080/v1
> INFO: Storage URL: http://rancher.recette.local:8080/v1
> INFO: API URL: http://rancher.recette.local:8080/v1
> INFO: Port:
> INFO: Required Image: rancher/agent:v1.2.6
> INFO: Current Image: rancher/agent:v1.2.5
> INFO: Upgrading to image rancher/agent:v1.2.6
> rancher-agent-upgrade

couldn’t found any error. But my node stay in disconnected state, because after some time I don’t have anymore rancher/agent container running.

Any Idea ?

Is the rancher-agent-upgrade container present and what is the logging?

Sadly I had to move on, so I rebooted the nodes, and then readded the node. this solve the issue.
Does this delete rancher-agent-upgrade container ?