Rancher (incorrectly) reports Cluster in error

After a failed (for unknown reasons) enabling and subsequent removal of Monitoring in Rancher 2.4.8, Rancher reports:
’ This cluster is currently Error .

Failed to ensure prometheus operator app: stale “monitoring-operator” App in p-dzpl9 Project is still on terminating’

I can’t find any ‘monitoring-operator app’ nor a ‘p-dzpl9’ Project (or namespace for that matter.

Please advise

Did you try clicking on enable -> disable -> enable -> disable for Monitoring a couple of times in succession?

The monitoring-operator App should show up on the System project of your cluster.

From our point of view, It’s the other way around, we have removed monitoring – but Rancher reports the error for a function/app that no longer exists.
We believe that the ‘error’ is a false positive and need to understand how to remove it.


Got the same problem, how to recover?

Not a clue :upside_down_face:
We still see the error after upgrading Rancher.

I solved by disabling monitoring in cluster explorer and enabling monitoring in cluster manager.