Rancher ingress and Traefik


First, thanks for Rancher, thanks for this awesome product.

Let’s try to be simple and comprehensive :wink: It will be about Rancher with Kubernetetes. I am a beginner in k8s and rancher so if you think I misunderstood some points.
I want to use Rancher+k8s for deploying a bunch of different apps. I will use namespaces for isolate each others.
Hosts are in a private cloud and public traffic will be routed by a historic nginx, configured by hand.

For exposing the app, I am thinking to create one or more Ingress in each namespace/app that should be exposed.
With Rancher ingress, it will create a new container binding a host port for each Ingress.
I would use host based rules for being able to bring all the rules together (all rules from all namespaces), expose a single port and is scaled at the number of hosts.

It is possible to accomplish with Rancher Ingress ?

I was able to produce that with Træfɪk, a modern reverse proxy. I simply deployed a template like this k8s.rc.yaml.
But it conflict with Rancher Ingress controller, for each Ingress created, Rancher create a load balancer and bind a host port.

It is possible to disable Rancher Ingress ?

I tried to stop rancher-ingress-controller in the system stack but, 1. it seems hacky, 2. it makes the Rancher UI display view “Setting up Kubernetes…” view.