Rancher Ingress controller HaProxy or Nginx

So in prior versions the rancher ingress controller was haproxy based. Is this going to continue or has Rancher moved to favor Nginx? I was just reading the 2.0 GA announcement and I read that RKE uses an nginx controller. Just curious, trying to nail down what Rancher is going with so I can focus on learning that LB.


The nginx ingress controller is the defacto standard and that is what we’re deploying with RKE/Rancher.

That’s … unfortunate, mostly because Nginx is a web proxy, not a load balancer unless you pay for the “plus” version making it a terrible choice, defacto standard or not. Haproxy or even something like traefic will at least grant real load balancing and metrics.

I guess the silver lining is the more I leverage Google/Azure/AWS managed services the less this matters as they all integrate tightly with their own LB solutions. I imagine I could even deploy the main rancher container onto those services and just avoid that inefficiency all together.

Have you deployed an AWS load balancing using Rancher? Is it required to use the ELB support in the community repo? I can’t seem to get my community repo to load into Rancher yet.

I tried Rancher 2.0 last week and I am also missing the HAProxy from Rancher 1.

I often did routing like this:

I didn’t figure out how to do this in Rancher 2.0. Right now this is a blocker for me to adopt Rancher 2.0.

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