Rancher Integration with haproxy

Hi All,

I would like to integrate rancher (grafana, prometheus) with haproxy. The user can get related page by going through haproxy. Typically rancher provide the following link (grafana, prometheus) officially.



in other env, it should be similar like
[https://xxxxxx full dns name/api/v1/namespaces/cattle-prometheus/services/http:access-grafana:80/proxy]

We can see grafana screen when clicking the link above if user already signs in.

but if user has not signed in, we can see the screen like this.

Thing we expect to happen is that rancher will rediret user to a login page if user has not signed in, and then they can access grafana web page after they provide ueser name and password correctly.

simliar redirect page like ranger login page we expect.


The same as above

Does anyone can help? Or when will rancher have this functionality? Thanks.


Hu Yue