Rancher Load Balancer does not work with keepalived VIP

I am trying to make use of keepalived with Rancher’s load balancer to have floating VIPs available. The problem seems to be that when I tell the Load Balancer to select the VIP address, the page submits fine, but the address does not get assigned to the LB.

I am using Cattle on Rancher Server 1.6.3.
I have 3 hosts for running my back-end services, and 2 hosts for running load balancers. I am using https://hub.docker.com/r/oberthur/docker-keepalived/ and I have it configured to run on all hosts that have the label role=loadbalancer. This part works fine, as I can see that both of the VIPs are running on one of the two LB hosts.

[rancher@prod-ros-cattle-lb-01 ~]$ ip addr | grep 126
    inet scope global eth0     < Rancher OS eth0
    inet scope global eth0     < keepalived VIP1 for service 1
    inet scope global eth0     < keepalived VIP2 for service 2

When I edit the service for one of the load balancers, I click the link for “Show host IP address options.” and in the box, I enter, and click “Edit” to save the configuration. The page goes back to the Stack page. If I click the button to show the yaml, I see this for the rancher-compose:

version: '2'
    scale: 1
    start_on_create: true
    start_on_create: true
      certs: []
      default_cert: Jenkins
      - priority: 1
        protocol: https
        service: Jenkins
        source_port: 443
        target_port: 8080
      healthy_threshold: 2
      response_timeout: 2000
      port: 42
      unhealthy_threshold: 3
      initializing_timeout: 60000
      interval: 2000
      reinitializing_timeout: 60000

There is no place in the configuration where it shows the IP address that I specified. When I look at the Load Balancer in the UI, it looks like it was saved because I see “To: Jenkins Ports:”. But when I hover over the link, the actual URL is, instead of 72 so it looks like it is using the host IP and not the VIP that I specified.

Is this a bug, or is this not a supported configuration?

I couldn’t find a solution using the built-in Rancher load balancers so I ended up rolling my own HAproxy + Keepalived sidekick pair to get what I needed/