Rancher Load Balancer mesos marathon launched services

As per the meetup today it was suggested that I could create a Rancher Load Balancer, that using labels, could track a name/label and reverse proxy to that number of containers running under marathon.

So far the labels added in the marathon launch script do NOT show up in the payload under labels from the the rancher API call /containers.I guess they are not sticking in rancher. Marathon shows them, both in the GUI and in the API.

When you use the Rancher GUI you cannot select a target or filter (keyvalue by container) the containers you want load balanced.

You can build the load balancer but it will only load balancer a service already launched by rancher, it finds, for example “marathon” the program, not what marathon launched.

Can someone give me the procedure for tagging the containers and selecting the GUI configuration to set up the load balancer for two like named containers launched under marathon?.

Eventually I want to do this through the API. For the moment the GUI procedure would be great.