Rancher meetup in San Francisco & Bay Area

Hey there!

I’m collaborating with Rancher Labs on hosting a meetup in SF/BayArea to get the community meeting offline every month or so. We’re just getting started and setting up the first event to take place in San Jose late September. We’ll have our team from Align Technology present our approach to automate production-grade cluster buildout in San Jose, and the Rancher team will give a sneak peak at what’s new in upcoming 1.2 release.

If I were you I would definitely check it out and go to this link right now: https://www.meetup.com/SF-Bay-Rancher-User-Group/

We’re also looking for a hosting venue and speakers for the next event that we’re planning late October in San Francisco. If you want to host, speak or both - reach out to me and we’ll start working on it right away.

Any questions welcome!