Rancher on EC2 Cluster

Sorry for the generic question but is there anybody that managed to run a Rancher 2.0 cluster on EC2 successfully and without errors after errors ?

  • If the nodes are changing ip address because of the Elastic IPs of AWS Rancher does not get the new IPs and it is screwed.
  • If you specify the Amazon Cloud Provider and you add the role with the correct permissions to the Node template during the cluster creation it creates the nodes using the private IPs names instead of the prefix you specify.
  • If you specify the Amazon Cloud Provider there are big issues with EBS including the fact that Rancher does not delete a volume you delete on the UI on EBS
  • ECR integration does not work despite having given to the IAM instance profile all permissions on ECR and EC2 (I have tested the role manually and it works fine so should not be the problem at all.