Rancher - repository error

So I have this anoying problem with repos , after adding a new cluster with Import -Generic - Name -Create and using the curl option i get this warrning message :
Warning: spec.template.spec.affinity.nodeAffinity.requiredDuringSchedulingIgnoredDuringExecution.nodeSelectorTerms[0].matchExpressions[0].key: beta.kubernetes.io/os is deprecated since v1.14; use “kubernetes.io/os” instead

After adding a new cluster I have a problem with repos none of them wants to connect but the ones on local cluster are fine and connect without any problem. I have even added some additional ones besides the rancher default just to check. Even the clustr tools option shows " no connection " on the created cluster but on the local one everything is fine.
Screenshots :
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Hey i have the same problem… its not working for me too… any solutions?

I set it up new and have still no changings, somebody replied my in an other help forum, if it works ill share the solution… in my oppionion it should be simple to solve (if you know how :D)