Rancher Server behind haproxy


I have created rancher server (1.5.3) behind haproxy so that any request coming on port 443 on haproxy will be redirecting to 8080 on rancher server. I am able to access rancher server without any issues.

I tried to add the host, its added in UI succesfully, > but its failing to create all the default containers specified in environment template. Healthcheck container is failing with error “Timeout getting IP address” and ipsec/scheduler containers are not getting created too.

[] [cutorService-10] [c.p.e.p.i.DefaultProcessInstanceImpl] Agent error for [compute.instance.activate.reply;agent=1]: Timeout getting IP address
2017-04-10 16:00:51,485 ERROR [8c95bb3d-d73d-47c1-8c86-7e1d7b6014bd:1186] [instance:28] [instance.start->(InstanceStart)] [] [cutorService-10] [i.c.p.process.instance.InstanceStart] Failed [1/5] to Starting for instance [28]
2017-04-10 16:01:56,135 ERROR [:] [] [] [] [cutorService-10] [.e.s.i.ProcessInstanceDispatcherImpl] Agent error for [compute.instance.activate.reply;agent=1]: Timeout getting IP address

What could be the possible issue? Any help would be appreciated.


Does anyone have any idea?

Issue has been fixed by bypassing the proxy in docker service

However, healthcheck container is still failing with a different error. As per the logs from the healthcheck app

time=“2017-04-11T06:58:33Z” level=fatal msg=“Get https://rancherserver.mydomain.com/v1: dial tcp: i/o timeout”