Rancher web ui, 404 not found?

I installed Rancher on k3os following the Rancher docs using helm3.

Everything installed fine. But even I try to visit the URL (Rancher.domain.com) I just get a “404 page not found”.

I used the let’s encrypt rancher helm install. Not quite sure what to check. Any ideas?

Obvious question, but did you point your DNS at rancher.domain.com?

Also is your host externally accessible so that letsencrypt can perform the claim to generate a cert?

Also does running rancher using the self-signed certs work? You can quite easily start rancher using this, and get cert-manager running afterwards and apply a letsencrypt cert to the load balancer without issue. I

I just got DNS01 auth working so I could get letsecnrypt certificates with my cluster that is not accessible to the external internet