RancherOs cannot start again after reboot: Wordir and upperdir in use

hello Everyone,

I built a kubernetes cluster with RKE and installed rancher on a Rancheros VM, everything was going right and yestarday after some update i reboot my rancherOs VM and that bug just occurs. The rancheros Vm didn’t boot again and block after the message “Rancher 1.5.3 started”. In the boot sequence i got some error mesage as you can see in the images "

workir or upperdir is in use by another mount, accesing files from both mount will result in undefined behaviour
I can ping the VM but cannot access to any other services (ssh, docker, kubectl etc …)

Do someone already get this issue? how can i fix? it is it possible recreate rancher from the existing cluster? what can i do in recovery mode?

Thanks for your help. My cluster is already in production so thanks for your help!

RancherOS 1.5.3
Rancher 2.3.1
RKE 0.3.1
Kubernetes v1.15.5