Re: connect Belkin Wireless USB adapter model F7D1101 V1 on SUSE

smflood;2141153 Wrote:[color=blue]

This forum is not for support questions (hence the “Please don’t ask
product questions here” banner at the top).

I don’t see the banner, am I blind?


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On 19/11/2011 11:36, AlexDudko wrote:

I don’t see the banner, am I blind?[/color]

No you’re not. The question was originally posted in the ‘Talk to a
Novell Technical Services Manager’ forum which, in an effort to stop
support questions being asked there, has a banner that says no support
questions. It seems pkjana didn’t see that so I moved their post to
what I thought was the most appropriate forum.

A side effect of moving posts is that the changes don’t get replicated
through to the NNTP gateway hence the lack of a root message to this
thread when seen via NNTP.


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There’s no Linux driver for this adapter.
But you can use your windows driver with ndiswrapper.[color=blue]

zypper in ndiswrapper[/color]
Then find on CD which came with the adapter the appropriate .inf file
and run:[color=blue]
ndiswrapper -i name_of_your_inf_file.inf[/color]
To verify its installation run:[color=blue]
ndiswrapper -l[/color]


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