Re: nothing provides


Add my thanks for your efforts,

Finally clamscan working how expects it should it FOUND “25 infected
files” :slight_smile:

Mounted another partition use to store copies of some older emails,
from even older HD, needed refer to.

Suspect messages (known, isolated or reported) from among files copied
from even older HD !

localhost:/home/paulparker # clamscan -ir /media/disk/

/media/disk/paulparker/FYE2011docs/mail060719/sent 2003 07
July/AbusePaypal scam.eml: HTML.Phishing.Pay-227 FOUND

----------- SCAN SUMMARY -----------

Known viruses: 1038816

Engine version: 0.97.2

Scanned directories: 7237

Scanned files: 28409

Infected files: 25

Data scanned: 6062.05 MB

Data read: 29400.16 MB (ratio 0.21:1)

Time: 613.230 sec (10 m 13 s)

localhost:/home/paulparker #


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