Re: SLES 11 php5-imap

Hello, with the differents rpm in the repository i can resolved this issue?

“Your PHP parser was compiled without the IMAP functions”

? i have to install php5-imap?

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imc wrote:[color=blue]

Thank you Malcolm. That did the trick. :slight_smile:
Malcolm;1877682 Wrote:[color=green]

On Fri, 23 Oct 2009 19:46:03 GMT
imc wrote:


How would I go about installing php5-imap? If I right click on the
RPM and select to install it, I get a ton of random lib errors.


paca;1866569 Wrote:

In case you havent found it elsewhere.
I just finnished build of php5-imap for SLES11 on opensuse build
service, it should be available on my home project.

‘Index of /repositories/home:/paca/SLE_11’
(‘Index of /repositories/home:/paca/SLE_11’[/color]

Either add the repo manually or via YaST and install, else from the
command line;[color=darkred]

sudo zypper ar paca
sudo zypper in php5-imap

note the zypper command and URL are all on one line…

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