Recommended way to add custom nodes behind router?

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I am work a bit more with RancherOS & Rancher lately as there are may good qualities to the platform and ran across this question.

I can see how to add custom nodes through public offerings and through the custom node for systems that have a public WAN IP like VPS systems, but what is the recommended way to add custom nodes that are behind a router?

For this I wanted to ask the community as about the only way that I could think about this was to consider setting up some type of VPN into the router and then use a common IP subnet, or something.

Any experience or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I don’t have any specific recommendations but you are basically correct. All hosts in an environment must be able to reach all other hosts in that environment using the IP they are registered with (shown in the UI). For one host behind a NAT, you can forward ports. For more than one, you need something like a VPN to give them all mutually reachable addresses.