"Recording of Academy kickoff webinar" link mistake


First of all, I would like to thank and congratulate SUSE for providing this CAP101 Partner Academy (“Introduction to SUSE Cloud Application Platform” Partner Academy).

I noticed that, in the “Important Academy Information” section of the course home page, the “Recording of Academy kickoff webinar” link is pointing to a video recording of the Pre-Registration Webinar of another Partner Academy, namely the “SLE311v12 - SLES for SAP Applications HA Deployment and Configuration Partner Academy” Pre-Registration Webinar.

Could you correct the link, please?

Thanks in advance.

We apologize. We will get that link corrected as soon as possible.

This link has been corrected.

Hi, Academy Instructor,

Thanks for the quick reply and for having promptly corrected the link to the Pre-Registration Webinar recording.