Release notes for 1.1.001

In rancher there is an upgrade available to 1.1.001.
Are there any release note for this version?

No, we don’t have the release note.
The 1.1.001 release was updated by the rancher server, the enhancement was changing the container image registry to mirrored one. The images SHA are the same, you don’t have to worried about it.

Please reference to the issue After the rancher upgrade to 2.5.7, two identical images are offered. · Issue #2476 · longhorn/longhorn · GitHub

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Alright, thx for the info.

Where can i see which version of Longhorn i am running and how to update Longhorn?

You could see the Longhorn version from the Longhorn GUI, at the bottom left.

Thanks. I found it
My version is 1.1.1