Replace SBD device in cluster

I am needing to rebuild the array that contains the SBD device in the production cluster. My preference is to be able to do this online without taking the cluster down or at least only a rolling reboot. I do have 2 SBD devices running and am rebuilding only 1 of them.

From looking at /etc/init.d/openais, here are my thoughts to accomplish this:

[CODE]crm resource stop p_stonith_sbd
On each node:
sbd -d /dev/mapper/mpath0 -d /dev/mapper/mpath1 -D -W -P message LOCAL exit

< Remove multipath device, reconfigure array, reattach >

sbd -d /dev/mapper/mpath0 -d /dev/mapper/mpath1 -1 30 -4 60 create
On each node:
sbd -d /dev/mapper/mpath0 -d /dev/mapper/mpath1 -D -W -P watch
crm resource start p_stonith_sbd[/CODE]

Does this look like a reasonable approach that will work?


Did you think put you sbd resouce in is-managed??? but I thing that you approach is correct

did you have one enviroment test? Regards!