Repositories-overlay not found


I’m new to rancheros and tries to build a new docker image but I’m getting this error:
$ docker build .
Sending build context to Docker daemon 2.048 kB
Step 1 : FROM centos:7
7: Pulling from library/centos
Pulling repository
0e0217391d41: Download complete
47d44cb6f252: Download complete
f5079557f135: Download complete
42c2aa730369: Download complete
open /var/lib/docker/repositories-overlay: no such file or directory

Any clue?

I’ve seen that sort of error before on on other operating systems, so I think it’s a Docker issue rather than Rancher OS specific. Restarting the Docker daemon has worked as a fix for me in the past.

Are you seeing this consistently and are you able to reproduce the problem even after rebooting?

I’ve rebooted RancherOS and everything seems to be fine now. I do not wanted to reboot to be able to find out what the problem was, but it looks good now…