Resolving containers by their hostnames

I am having trouble resolving containers by their hostnames, I am able to resolve some the containers but not all of them, I thought this was a host issue, I tried destroying and recreating them again, I see this pattern consistently

Here are the details of my setup

Custom - Cent OS 7.1 VMs
Rancher v1.1.4
Cattle v0.165.8.4
User Interface v1.1.14
Rancher Compose v0.8.6
Kubernetes 1.2.4
Docker 1.2

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Can you elaborate on how this issue becomes apparent and how you are testing whether resolution works or not. For example;

  • Are you just using tools like dig or nslookup
  • Do applications fail because of this
  • Where doesn’t resolution work

I am using busybox container to resolve containers by their hostnames, this is what I have observed

  1. I can’t ping a service by its ip even when it has end points associated with it, I can resolve the service_name when do nslookup based on svc_name or svc_name.default
  2. I can ping containers by their ip addresses, but I can’t resolve them by their hostnames

Current app that I am working on has a clustering feature built in, containers can’t join a cluster as they can’t resolve each other by their hostnames

Thanks for your help!