Restore cluster after total loss

Hi All,

I have a single-node Rancher installation (v2.5) and a single-node RKE cluster (created via Rancher node command).

I have an etcd snapshot of the RKE cluster taken via Rancher (to S3) and Velero backups from specific application namespaces (kube objects + Restic backups for volumes, also to S3)

Is it possible to recover from these backups if I loose both nodes and need to start with a fresh, new Rancher installation?

Is it possible to duplicate a cluster from these backups (migrate a clone to another place)?

Recovering the application namespaces from Velero backups is trivial but I am having trouble to recover the base cluster.

I have created a new Rancher instance, created a new single-node cluster, pointed the cluster etcd backup settings to the same S3 bucket as the old one. However, Rancher doesn’t even list the snapshot of the old RKE cluster.

Any insight is appreciated.