Restore deleted custom cluster from etcd backup

Hi all,

a few weeks ago, i deleted a custom cluster from rancher.
I shutdown the VMs and deleted the cluster in rancher via the UI.
Now i need a deployment configuration which was running on this cluster.

Is there any possibility to “import” the cluster back into rancher?
The VMs and the ETCD backups on the nodes are still there.
I tried to restore it a couple of times, but never got k8s running again, because it try to connect to rancher…

What if i create a new cluster and restore the etcd backups into the new cluster?
Any other ideas?


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Did you find a way to restore a etcd-snapshot from a deleted cluster?

I needed to recreate a cluster in Rancher but the snapshots are not visible in the Rancher UI, although the snapshot files are still stored on the etcd nodes.