Restoring an accidentally deleted service

Hey folks,

I mistakenly deleted a service :frowning: Audit Logs shows this action and I can see it on the API ui.
But I do not know how to recover it. :cold_sweat:

Is there a way to get this back?

Rancher: v1.4.1
Cattle: v0.176.9
User Interface: v1.4.6
Rancher CLI: v0.4.1
Rancher Compose: v0.12.2

Thank you.

There is no recovering it or the data that was in the containers, but you can create a new service off of the old definition since it’s still in the DB…

http://<server>/env/1a50/apps/add-service?serviceId=1s154&stackId=<stack id>

Thank you vincent, I guess that helps too but the restore feature would be nice. Thank you.