Reverse Proxy/Load Balancer across multiple stacks

Hi there!

I have been trying out rancher during the last few days and have stumbled upon a use case that would be important for me. I run rancher on one server (rancher-server and rancher-agent) and multiple projects should be running on that server (multi-tenancy). With respect to this the stacks are a nice way to isolate the separate projects/apps from each other. However, if I create a load-balancer for example in the “Default” stack that would run on port 80 and redirect requests to all the separate projects/apps I cannot select services from other stacks (containers outside of the “Default” stack).
Maybe I also got the concept wrong.
Could you give me a hint?


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There’s no compelling reason to restrict links to the same stack; it is a largely artificial limitation that will be removed in a future release.

Hi Vincent, thanks for your answer. Would you have any ETA on that? It’s a feature my server setup would depend on and I have to decide for a solution soon.

I’ve created an enhancement issue in Github. If enough people are interested, we can look into prioritizing it.

+1 for that! Our use case ideally needs a reverse proxy that can link to any stack and then route requests based on domain name.

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+1 for this as well. Huge blocker for what we are trying to do at my company.

Thanks, denise! Would be really great to have that feature! It would make rancher into an ideal orchestration platform for (not only) single-vps usage!

+1 for this one. Already asked for that feature in the last meetup :smile:

We do plan on adding support for LB across stacks but I wanted to make sure that you aren’t really blocked by this as you can always create a LB service per stack. In the end, we can only support 1 LB container instance per host, per published port even if they are created from different LB services.

We are of course going to remove this restriction as we’ve already allowed DNS discovery across stacks so there’s really no reason to restrict LB.

As of v0.30.0, cross stack linking for load balancers was enabled.