RKE and container runtimes


There is a roadmap to support containerd and or cri-o on Rancher RKE installation?

The K3S project just launched by Darren support containred without docker, when it will be supported by the mainstream Rancher installations?


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Depends on what you mean by supported. If you mean commercially supported, that is a ways off. K3S is just an open source community project at this time.

If you mean “when will it not completely fail”, much sooner. We are trying to squeeze that into v2.2.0, but since we are so close to the release of v2.2.0, it depends on the risk assessment of the changes needed to make it work.

@cjellick, hi

I mean, when the table on this page (https://rancher.com/support-maintenance-terms/) will list other runtimes than docker?

Even though we don’t have the commercial support yet we only use the commercially supported components to avoid unnecessary problems.

There is a page with a complete list of expected 2.2 features or roadmap to support other containers runtime?


Hi everyone,

I’m using cri-o run-time container on alpha and homolog environments… At this moment it’s running well! But I have started my cluster with docker, before I was using cri-o. Run-time container change is transparent for Kubernetes due to I guess that the same for Rancher.