RKE cluster - failed pods

Hello everyone! I have a strange issue even though the rke up says it was launched successfully, some pods are crashed.

I have 3 node cluster, docker 19, and rke 1.0.14. Please advise!

The pod logs can be retrieved using kubectl logs and will most of the time show why it can’t run successfully.

@superseb Thanks for trying to assist me! I’ve got farther in the troubleshooting and see this error now

What could it mean… tried disabling selinux, no luck.

OK, I can take a look at it. Please supply some more information about your setup:

  • cluster.yml used
  • docker info from one of the nodes (or all if not identical)

If it would be SELinux, there should be logging in /var/log/audit/audit.log

too bad now the cluster won’t start


I don’t know what you did, I requested more info to diagnose the issue. That file needs to be manually removed on the node(s) before re-using the node(s) when provisioning the cluster.

Give me one sec trying to clean up the nodes to run the cluster with error again!

YEY! somehow it ran, thanks for assisting, I was hopeless :smiley:

image is that best practices ? i’ve read it somewhere in the docs.

For Rancher HA, 3 nodes with each all 3 roles is the recommended configuration. See Rancher Docs: Setting up a High-availability RKE Kubernetes Cluster