RKE deployment including rancher server

Hi all. I was able to deploy a k8s with 1 master 2 etcd and 2 workers with RKE…
I wonder if it’s possible to install kubernetes dashboard too with RKE and even rancher server itself with the same deployment

Sure, you can install rancher and/or dashboard in there.

2 is not a good number of etcd nodes. It needs a strict majority (more than half) of nodes available, so 2 gives you no extra failure tolerance but twice as much hardware that can fail. Use odd numbers, 1, 3, or 5 to survive 0, 1, or 2 failures.

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Thanks Vincent. Sorry…I meant 2 etcd as server but the controlplane got the 3rd etcd running.

So How can I install thru RKE/config.yml the k8s dashboard?


You don’t install it “through” RKE; once you run RKE you just have a cluster. And you can run whatever you want in that cluster, which in this case is the Rancher or dashboard helm chart.

Hi Vincent. Thanks for that. I thought it would be possible with RKE/cluster.yml… I am aware of helm so I might go ahead with it.