RKE2 on Debian 10 fails on containerd

I am installing RKE2 on Debian 10. This will be a single node cluster box for dev. This is a new box, I have fully updated it and just k3s installed via ksup. After that I created a config file as follows.

token: rancher01

I then ran : curl -sfL http://get.rancher.io | sh -
followed by starting the service: sytemctl start rancherd-server.

When I do this I get the following error message:

Mar 10 11:45:47 rancher01 rancherd[23889]: time=“2022-03-10T11:45:47-05:00” level=info msg=“Logging containerd to /var/lib/rancher/rke2/agent/containerd/containerd.log”
Mar 10 11:45:47 rancher01 rancherd[23889]: time=“2022-03-10T11:45:47-05:00” level=info msg=“Running containerd -c /var/lib/rancher/rke2/agent/etc/containerd/config.toml -a /run/k3s/containerd/containerd.sock --state /run/k3s/containerd --root /var/lib/rancher/rke2/agent/containerd”
Mar 10 11:45:47 rancher01 rancherd[23889]: containerd: exit status 1
Mar 10 11:45:47 rancher01 systemd[1]: rancherd-server.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE
Mar 10 11:45:47 rancher01 systemd[1]: rancherd-server.service: Failed with result ‘exit-code’.

Which are you installing, RKE2 or K3S? Those are two different Kubernetes environments. As a note, RKE2 doesn’t list Debian 10 as a supported Linux distro (Requirements - RKE2 - Rancher's Next Generation Kubernetes Distribution), so that may or may not work and you might need to swap over to Ubuntu.

Next, you mention rancherd. My understanding is that rancherd is a daemon to run Rancher bare metal on Linux rather than running in Docker or within a Kubernetes cluster and that it is supported for Rancher 2.5 but that support for it was dropped with Rancher 2.6. Since it runs bare metal you would only use RKE2 or K3S with it as a downstream cluster, so after Rancher itself was up.

It sounds like maybe you’ve got some mixed signals/messages here? I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to do.

I’m not 100% certain, but I think you’ll need a hostname in the tls-san section along with the IP also.

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I am trying out Rancher now. I would like to setup the Rancher-UI as well as K3S. Could someone please point me how to get the Rancher-UI running on K3S? All the documentaion I have seen uses RKE2.

Rancher Docs: Setting up a High-availability K3s Kubernetes Cluster for Rancher & Rancher Docs: Set up Infrastructure for a High Availability K3s Kubernetes Cluster might be what you’re looking for? I found them at the top of Rancher Docs: Install/Upgrade Rancher on a Kubernetes Cluster .

Also, if you’re just trying out the UI, you might prefer just using the quick & dirty Docker install method Rancher Docs: Manual Quick Start . That’ll put you at a single point of failure and may not have all the same options that you’d get with a Helm installed version, but it’s enough to poke around and see how it works (and from what I read on here and Slack it seems some people use it for months/years).