root su: /bin/sh: Permission denied

Hi All,

When i try to to switch from from root to hd1adm i get the below message.

MTSAPHANA:~ # su hd1adm
su: /bin/sh: Permission denied

This is causing a major issue for the deployment of a software on the server. I was able to switch between users earlier but now cannot do so.

kindly let me know on how to resolve the above issue.



Hi Arshad,

MTSAPHANA:~ # su hd1adm
su: /bin/sh: Permission denied

my first idea would have been that hd1adm does not have sufficient rights to the cwd, but a quick verification on SLES11SP1 and SP3 shows that su using /bin/sh works fine even without r/x rights to the current directory.

Is /bin/sh actually executable? Does hd1adm have all required rights to /bin/sh?