Routing Managed Network

I found that I am able to communicate directly with containers on the managed network simply by adding any one of the hosts as a gateway to the network ip route add via <my rancher node>
Is this a supported feature/use case? Or is this something that happens to work that may be removed/broken in the future?
(obviously if I continue to use it, I’d do it by advertising the route, not manually adding it)

It looks like maybe this would break in a multi-environment setup:

Under Rancher’s network, a container will be assigned both a Docker bridge IP ( and a Rancher managed IP ( on the default docker0 bridge. Containers within the same environment are then routable and reachable via the managed network.

Can someone confirm?


I have the same doubts.

This is a bug, not a feature, and will be fixed. The host should only route traffic that is coming from local containers.

The “supported” way would be with a container that’s job is to explicitly route, or something like the OpenVPN catalog templates that already exist.

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I am looking at

I tried to reproduce this issue but have not been successful. I have hosts on AWS, added route as you mentioned but I am not able to ping. Could you please share your steps to reproduce this issue?

Ok, I have been able to reproduce it locally on my laptop using Virtual Machines.

@vincent Although this is a bug, but I do need a convenient way like this to access containers in managed network.
I think we should not simply add a iptables rule to ban this.
We need a config option to enable/disable communicate with managed network.

I have multi rancher hosts, after execute ip route add via <rancher node x>, I can only access containers on rancher node x, cant access containers on rancher node y, z … I found the vxlan container did not forward packets to other hosts.

I want to access any container in managed network via any rancher host.
How can I achieve this? Please help!

I found the answer myself. Execute iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -j MASQUERADE on vxlan container.