Sapcontrol results in an error - FAIL: Service start failed: 'SAPSID_01.service' Interactive authentication requir

I have scs and ers installed on SLES15
It is Java
when i try starting the services using sapcontrol, i get the following error.

sapcontrol -nr 01 -function StartService SID

FAIL: Service start failed: systemdI_sdbus_cmd: StartUnit ‘SAPSID_01.service’ - failed: Interactive authentication required.

Any suggestions?

SAP documenatation page, for the different parameters :

You are presumably logged on as sidadm.
See also user and password parameters in case remote authentication is required.
Might also try f.ex. : sapcontrol -nr 01 -function StartSystem
which starts the whole system, with dependencies.

Use f.ex. “Checking System Instance and Processes” to gather more info.
Rgds, Eirikur.

thanks Eirkur.
The /usr/sap/services was in a different format with systemctl, i modifed it to the old format as a temporary resolution.
will try as u suggested to get into the actual issue.