Scaling images using a DMZ gives me alocation port error


I have 4 hosts two on a lan and 2 on a DMZ, so I created a rule for one image in scheduling so it will only create containers in the DMZ network but after 2 containers I’m getting this error:

Bad instance [container:1i643] in state [error]: Allocation failed: Host must satisfy resource constraints: [8000:80/tcp portReservation]

How can I scale this image to 4 nodes in a way that the nodes can get distributed in this 2 hosts without error?


Looks like your container exposes port 8000. You can only do that once per host OS. What is consuming these containers? If you want them accessible externally, more than one on a host you will need a Rancher load balancer to share them, or, heaven forbid, multiple instances sharing different ports.

Yes I have a load balancer, but I thought I could have more than one container per host with its local ip exposed to the port 8000, and that the load balancer would be the one that manages the exposed port. how can I do that? should I not add the port mapping for this to work?