Script ADS join (yast samba-client)

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to script the active directory domain join of my SLES 11 SP1
servers as an AutoYaST postscript. My enviroment has multiple windows
domains. In the prescript section of my AutoYaST profile the right
domain is selected an passed to a postscript (-modified.xml-) that
should do the domain join.

“-net ads join-” would work, but I want to do it fully YaST compatible
and set the two options: “-Also Use SMB Information for Linux
Authentication-” and “-Create Home Directory on Login-”.

The option “-Create Home Directory on Login-” is less problematic
because it’s only the addition of the line

session optional

to -/etc/pam.d/common-session-. But the option “-Also Use SMB
Information for Linux Authentication-” makes changes in many files.

I’ve tried to do it with a AutoYaST XML (-yast ayast_setup setup
filename=./domainjoin.xml-) but an AutoYaST-Script as postscript isn’t
supported by SUSE/Novell and does not work in this case.

Any ideas? How are you joining your SLES servers to windows domains?

Thanks in advance for your help.



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