Secret creation for all snamespaces

Hi all,

I have deploymed an application using helm under a namespace " web" in new rancher 2.7.0. but i have to use secrets and tls certs for the deployment.
In my old rancher there is an option for creating secrets and tls for all namespaces.but i didnt find the option in the new rancher ui 2.7.0 for creating secrets for all namespaces.

My aim was to create themy application under the namespace"web", and i have to use the secrets under " all snamepsces"
please help me to resolve the issue

You can create project scoped secrets via the Legacy menu item.

  1. Select your cluster from the three line burger menu top left
  2. Expand Legacy and then Secrets
  3. Ensure a Project is selected via the filter at the top

If the Legacy menu item isn’t there you can enabled it via

  1. Global SettingsFeature Flags from the three line burger menu top left
  2. Activate the legacy row