Secret is not visible in Rancher UI

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I have a question regarding the visibility of a secret which I created via the gitlab ci/cd integration. In the ci/cd build script (.gitlab-ci.yml) I create the secret as follows:

 docker-registry gitlab-registry \
        --docker-server="$CI_REGISTRY" \
        --docker-username="${CI_DEPLOY_USER:-$CI_REGISTRY_USER}" \
        --docker-password="${CI_DEPLOY_PASSWORD:-$CI_REGISTRY_PASSWORD}" \
        --docker-email="$GITLAB_USER_EMAIL" \
        -o yaml --dry-run | kubectl replace -n "$NAMESPACE_STAGING" --force -f -

With kubectl I can see the secret. It looks as follows:

Name:         gitlab-registry
Namespace:    staging-teiid
Labels:       <none>
Annotations:  <none>


.dockerconfigjson:  209 bytes

However, unfortunately the secret does not show up in the Rancher UI. Is this due to the dockerconfigjson type which rancher does not display or am I missing something when I create the secret. Hence is my configuration of the secret incomplete and therefore does not show up? In the later case, what am I missing?

Thanks for your help.

That is a Registry secret, which is shown in the UI under the “Registries” resource type. Do you see it there?

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Hello @shubbard343,
thanks a lot. I had a look at the wrong place.

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