Selecting user defined networks


Just installed rancher. I’ve created my own user defined network for my docker containers using this method from the docker cli.

# create a new bridge network with your subnet and gateway for your ip block
$ docker network create --subnet --gateway iptastic

# run a nginx container with a specific ip in that block
$ docker run --rm -it --net iptastic --ip nginx

# curl the ip from any other place (assuming this is a public ip block duh)
$ curl

I now need to define the the IP and select the iptastic network when creating my containers in Rancher, but rancher only lists Bridged, Managed, Container, Host & None.

rancher does not support in the latest version (0.63) networks defined with docker.
i don’t know if it’s planned to be supported shortly.

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Someone has opened an issue requesting support for Docker networking: