Service rancher-webhook not found after fresh install


I am trying to install Rancher 2.5.8 on a AKS cluster. The cluster was being managed by another Rancher deployment on a K3s cluster, and I didn’t unisntall the cattle agent before. The first instalation worked (with the agent still installed) but I noticed that the namespaces where grouped in nameless projects, matching the project groupings on the other Rancher instance.

I’ve tryed to clean all rancher/fleet/cattle resources before installing again (didn’t new about system-tools remove yet), but must have broken something because every single installation after that Rancher fails to startup, with variations on the following error:

2021/06/10 23:54:18 [ERROR] failed to call leader func: failed to add management data: problem reconciling role templates: couldn't create projects-create: Internal error occurred: failed calling webhook "": Post "https://rancher-webhook.cattle-system.svc:443/v1/webhook/validation?timeout=10s": service "rancher-webhook" not found

Rancher version: 2.5.8
Helm version: 3.6.0
Kubernetes: 1.20.5 (AKS)

Any help would be very much appreciated!