Several error arises when TXT-Stat command executed


I am new to SLES.
I have been getting the below errors form the log when executing the TXT-Stat command

TBOOT: Error: write TPM error: 0x2.
TBOOT: supports preserving machine check errors
TBOOT: checking previous errors on the last boot.
TBOOT: Error: read TPM error: 0x2.
TBOOT: last boot has no error.
TBOOT: Error: write TPM error: 0x2.
TBOOT: AC module error : acm_type=0x1, progress=0x00, error=0x0

Can anyone please let me know what could be the reason for these errors to occur
Any help would be fine



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Hi Imtiyaz,

first let me say that I have absolutely no experience with this, but used my Google fu to look up some information.

Does the machine work, despite the errors - or do you see actual problems? Because I see many references to similar messages, which could mean that i.e. the “read TPM error: 0x2” simply indicates “no data available” - IOW, no actual error, but a non-zeor return code.