Single Docker Install Rancher 2.6 Helm operation Loop

Hi ,

just upgrade to rancher 2.6 , but I have the same issue on 2.5.9 , docker behind proxy , k3s with helm operation in loop, on rancher I have :

2021/10/01 14:00:52 [ERROR] error syncing 'cattle-fleet-system/helm-operation-lth2g': handler helm-operation: Operation cannot be fulfilled on "helm-operation-lth2g": StorageError: invalid object, Code: 4, Key: /registry/, ResourceVersion: 0, AdditionalErrorMsg: Precondition failed: UID in precondition: 7ecd0fe5-c744-4e6f-bb2f-21c4bb81e720, UID in object meta: , requeuing.```

pod logs : 

 Waiting for Kubernetes API to be available
Timeout waiting for kubernetes